With over two decades of experience, Bobby A, McRae ll, specializes in contract negotiations, career management, and advisory for a range of clients in the sports industry, college NIL, professional athletes, coaches and executives. He works to forge strong relationships with each and every stakeholder, earning their trust and acting as a key player in endorsements, branding, and professional development. Beginning his career focused on business development with Twenty10 Sports Management Group and Temple University, Bobby has carried his passion for financial, physical, and mental wellness into his work in professional sports. He puts athlete development at the forefront of each decision and builds a deep personal relationship with his clients as he helps them establish and fulfill professional and personal goals. His commitment to his clients has allowed him to successfully negotiate contracts and establish relationships with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and a range of the country’s leading media outlets, including NBC, CBS, and Fox Sports.



Our team is led by my business partner and brother, Demarius McRae, a business and operations strategist and is composed of talented individuals who are regarded as authorities in their respective fields. They are business professionals, industry experts, dynamic storytellers, compelling marketers, and top-tier agents, all working in a symbiotic manner, unified in their commitment to ensuring our client’s success. From brand image to career development to partnership negotiations, no area of business development isn’t overseen by an individual dedicated to assuring that our athletes are cared for in the best manner possible. Each staff member is full of ambition, a unique vision, and the confidence that the possibilities for our clients are limitless. They are all equipped with the capacity to handle the complexities and nuance that come with negations and do so with the utmost integrity, ensuring that ethical and fair practices are at the forefront of all endeavors.

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